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Solebury Club Karate

“It’s not just an art, it’s an attitude”

The word karate-do is made up of three Japanese characters. Their literal meaning is “Way of the Empty Hands.” Karate is a martial art of empty handed self-defense; students learn to use unarmed body parts, such as hands and feet, to ward off attackers!

“The world of karate cannot be compared to any other sport or physical exercise. Karate, developing the whole body and mind, can be experienced by anyone. Since karate offers self-defense, character development, physical exercise, a historical art and a sport, anyone of any age and any fitness level can train in the way of karate.”

– Solebury Club Shotokan Karate

No matter what your fitness or martial arts goals are, we have tons of classes to choose from!

Some of our long list of offerings include:

Fitness Kickboxing

One of the most popular programs! This challenging and motivating class will teach you real Kickboxing and Karate techniques. All of our Kickbox classes are taught by certified Black Belt instructors.


Tigers Karate

Ages 4 – 5. This program was designed for children who are too young to experience our youth program. Children will learn basic karate techniques and participate in drills and games to help them learn Balance, Coordination, Focus, Self-Control and Respect. Some 3 year olds are accepted.


Youth Karate

Ages 6 – 12. The fundamentals of Karate are taught by combining traditional and modern training techniques. Confidence is gained through hard work and dedication as belt rankings are awarded.


Adult Karate

Increase your Strength, Balance, Flexibility and Coordination all while you learn this traditional art of self-defense. Meet and train with new people as you develop a strong sense of belonging with your fellow students.


Shotokan Karate-Do

A Japanese Martial Art of self-defense. Kara(empty) te(hand) Do(the way) or The Way of the Empty Hand focuses not just on the physical art, as students learn to defend themselves with empty hands(weaponless), but on the mental aspect as well.


Instructor Training

The AJKA-I Instructor Training Program encourages the formal training of karate instructors for the development of AJKA-I Shotokan Karate-do. It also helps participants develop skills to guide others in their search to understand and master the art of shotokan karate-do. Candidates are admitted to the program based upon their interest and their potential to develop into highly qualified karate instructors.



Several times a year The Solebury Club will host seminars with some of the world’s top instructors such as: Sensei Leslie Safar 9th Dan and Sensei Edmond Otis 8th Dan.


Training Camp

This yearly Karate Training Camp during the summer is amazing! Many of the world’s top instructors come together and share their knowledge with students from around the country and world.


4612 Hughesian Drive
Buckingham, PA 18912
(215) 794-3494

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